What is Ayurveda

We ourselves are ayurveda.

Image of Mr Ali Hassan and Mrs Vana Alexatu-Hassan

The knowledge of the universe is inside us. The cosmic intelligence is hidden in every one of our cells. We are aware of the cosmic harmony, the balance of our body and our soul. So when we already know it is simple to recall.

Ayurveda, a complete medical science, similar to no other. It is the first medical science in the world. Ayurveda (pronounced Αa-yer-vay-da) means the medical science of the world and it is funded in a holy medical system.

Oh humanity agree and you should join
Let your spirit be in harmony
Let the object of your thought be the same
Let the law be common and let your heart be united with the law


Ayurveda was born approximately 5000 years ago in India. It doesn’t belong to any religion.

The wise men of India consider health inherent with spiritual life. It is said that as Brahma were meditating, they gained enlightenment and so they came to the knowledge of AYURVEDA. This knowledge is used for health by the method of virtue, good intention, and longevity. AYR – VEDA. Two words that consummate the origin of this medical science. AYUS means life and VEDA means science. It is about a science that above all has morality and is alive.

The primary (original) books of Vedas are four and are referring to the spirituality of the being. They include topics of health, ecology, astrology, spirituality, administration, poetry and moral life. Life is short, is holy, is divine, you fulfill yourself in life and you are interdependent with everything. The four books of Vedas are: Rik veda, Sama, Yajur end Atharva. Ayurveda that uses the vedic astrology is called Jyotish and it means “inner light”. Atharva-veda is the original Ayurveda.

Before the discovery of writing, the ancient wise men of health, prevention and longevety (rishis) passed the knowledge of AYURVEDA orally from the teachers, to the pupils. Charaka, a literary man and one of the wise men of that age, who lived and teached around 700 B.C., was influenced by this medical knowledge and wrote it down. Today his work is called Charaka Samhita and in that are mentioned approx. 1500 plants, 350 of which are described as precious medicines. It is a precious guide for those who are practicing this science.

Charaka attaches value to the ground not to the seed. This means that when an organism is healthy, not even one germ can intrude.

As a spiritual medical science it is not about the personal health of each being, because that would mend that it is cultivating an atomistic attitude. Everything exists in an endless interaction.

“Anything that influences one directly,
is influencing everyone else indirectly.
I can’t never became that what I’ve should have be,
Until you become that what you should be
And you could never become what you should be,
Until I become that what I should be.”
This is the interactive structure of reality.

Martin Luther King