AYURVEDIC Massage: The indian art of natural treatment.

Ayurvedic Massage book cover

The ayurvedic therapist and writer of the book Vana Alexatou-Hassan guides us in the world of indish wisdom and traditional natural medicine with herbs, essential oils and traditional therapies. With this book the magic of the ayurvedic massage comes closer to us.

You can learn about the techniques of the improvement in health, in life and everything else necessary in order to offer to your beloved ones pain comfort, deep relaxation, beauty and peace. The methods are easily learned.

The secrets of the indish therapeutics are presented in the book as well as on the accompanying DVD.

It is a necessary book for everyone who wants to pore over Ayurveda and use it in their daily life. It is also a necessary guide for all therapists, who want to know about the secrets of indian massage and of the essential oils and herbs. This book also includes the full anatomy and physiology of the body, as well as a map with the Marmas points.